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    Course description

    • Sketch Your Holiday Card - Demonstration description

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    Sketching Holiday Mood

    • Sketching with ink and watercolor together with Masha Zurikova


  • What to expect from this demonstration?

    This is a sketching demonstration from urban sketcher and illustrator Masha Zurikova. She will show you how to create winter holiday postcard with ink and watercolor. The lesson will show you how to work with minimal set of tools and how to create a dynamic composition. You will create a beautiful greeting card to surprise your friends and family with. So, are you ready for Christmas?

  • Who could be interested in the lesson?

    This course will be interesting for both those who have never held a brush in their hands and for those who sketch regularly. For beginners it will be a good first impression on what sketching is about. For experienced sketchers - you will learn new tips and tricks and see ink and wash sketching from a different perspective.

  • What materials will I need?

    - a small sheet of watercolor paper (cold pressed, 300 g/m2); - a pencil - ink pen or rapidograph with water proof black ink - an eraser - a set of watercolors - several brushes of different sizes and shapes - white gel pen or white pencil - several colored pencils

  • What is the cost of the lesson?

    It is completely free. You are welcome :)